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Swim 9 Bridge’s Lake - Via Maratta Bassa, bei Kilometer 748,43 km, 05100 Shared
Up to 2 Anglers / 4 in Party
Drive & Survive - Sat → Sat

CarpMirrors up to 74lbs
CarpCommons in excess of 60lbs
CarpGrass Carp to 77lbs
27 Acre Lake, 12m Max Depth, 1/9 Swims, Permit Required, 30lb avg / 74lb max
Night Fishing Allowed
Tackle Hire/Bait Supply

Lake Details

  • Exclusive bookings also welcome
  • Airport pickup and tackle hire available
  • More swims available

The bridge built for a new road in 1990 that runs over the lake, cuts it in two almost exact halves creating character, and is its new namesake.

Over the years the pylons of the bridge have become one of the main food sources for the fish that swim in the lake, being very rich on mussels, snails, crabs and other creatures.

Each pylon is set on a platform, which then is set on 8 more pylons of 1m diameter that are firmly anchored to the lake bed. The depth here is around 9m to 11m. It is little surprise that the bridge is like a magnet that draws the attention from all the anglers, but the pylons are just one of the hot spots that the lake has to offer.

It is worth investigating the open water as well as the margins. You are permitted to use Spomb and Marker rod as well as fixed markers in the lake.

There are 9 swims, all equipped with a row boat included in the price. You can also bring your own boat or use a bait boat. Swim 11 has the added extra of a wooden lodge for your comfort.

The stock in the Bridge`s Lake is excellent, home to 800 Carp of different species and size, with around 150 fish over the 44lb mark The two largest Mirror Carp exceed a whopping 70lb and the Grass Carp go up to a monster 77lb!

Accommodation: Drive & Survive
Wash Facilities
Toilets and Showers Available

Venue Details

Rome Fiumicino1hr 30min
Calais15hrs 45min
Le Havre15hrs 45min
Terni10 Minutes By Car
La Lampara10 Minutes On Foot
Itagest10 Minutes On Foot
Rome60 Minutes By Car

Bridges Lake is a drive and survive Venue (formerly Lago Eurofish) situated 100km north of Rome, and is now under new ownership.

The Lake was created in 1975 through the flooding of a stone pit. The lake has a mature eco system rich in natural foods such as bloodworm, snails and other water insects.

Shower and toilet facilities are open 24 hours a day, with a fridge and power points also available for use. This is a great value budget Venue with tackle hire available.

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