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Swim 3 Katlov - Zdeslavice, 286 01 Shared
Up to 2 Anglers / 4 in Party
Drive & Survive - Sat → Sat

CarpUp to 60lbs
CarpGrass up to 38lbs
Tenchup to 9lbs
60 Acre Lake, 4.5m Max Depth, 1/17 Swims, No Permit Required, 33lb avg / 60lb max
Bait Boat Allowed
Food & Drink Available
Night Fishing Allowed
Tackle Hire/Bait Supply

Lake Details

  • +16 MORE Double swims available at this venue
  • Airport pickup and Restaurant quality food available
  • Tackle Hire also available

Swim 3 Measures 16×8m and made from woodchipped topped soil this is a generous double swim where bank sticks can be used, and is an ideal size if you also have non fishing guests. Directly in front of the swim there are two gravel bars, 60 meters out.

The nearest toilet is located between swim 3 and 4, and showers are on the opposite side of the lake next to bailiff´s building.

In the woods behind the swim there is a gravel road. If you arrive to us by car with a trailer, we can move the trailer to your fishing place.

Katlov lake is privately owned by famous sports fisherman Jakub Vágner reputed to have some of the best fish in the Czech Republic. You will find beautiful and interesting forms of Carp up to 60lbs including linears up to 45lb, and also Tench with a length of around 70 cm. The experienced guides on site will take care about you, your comfort and successful fishing.

Accommodation: Drive & Survive
Wash Facilities
Toilets and Showers situated at various points around the lake.
Available (Surcharge Applicable)

Venue Details

Dunkirk10hr 5min
Zeebrugge11hr 5min
Calais11hr 45min
Shops at Kutna Hora10 Minutes By Car
Stipoklasy5 Minutes By Car
Prague1 Hours By Car

Katov lake is located approximately 14 km from Kutná Hora, next to a small village about 1 km from Červené Janovice in the direction to Štipoklasy.

The origin of this lake dates back to middle ages and legend has it, the name Katlov is from an Emperor´s executioner, who had rights to fish in the lake.

Katlov’s area is beautiful and it is definitely worth a visit to the historical monuments in nearby Kutná Hora.

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