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Swim 2 Ghost Park - Via Campanello 65, 35014 Shared
Up to 1 Anglers / 2 in Party
Drive & Survive - Sat → Sat

Carpto 71lbs
CarpGrass up to 66lbs
40 Acre Lake, 11m Max Depth, 1/40 Swims, Permit Required, 31lb avg / 72lb max
Bait Boat Allowed
Food & Drink Available
Night Fishing Allowed
Tackle Hire/Bait Supply

Lake Details

  • Good head of carp over 45lbs
  • Campervans welcome at the swim
  • Old Gravelpit with Gin Clear Water

In this Forty Acre lake swims are left as natural as possible and there is plenty of room for bivvies and tents. The whole area is fenced and camper and caravans are welcome.

The stock now stands out for the big number of fish. It’s not easy to make an exact count but surely more than 1500 carp of different shapes and sizes. The average weight lies at approx 30lbs and every week captures of 45lb plus fish are being reported. The average depth at Ghost Park settles between 5 and 10m with not much structure other than the odd plateau and bar scattered around the lake. The bottom is mostly firm and the water is clear almost all year round. In the summer there is the chance of some very sparse and low weed which is not a problem at all for the fishing. Alll swims apart from 1,2,31,32,39,40 are doubles and accessible by car.

Accommodation: Drive & Survive

Venue Details

Calais12hrs 25min - We can save you money on your ferry
Le Havre12hrs 40mins

The lake dates back to the late 1960s when it was used as a gravel extraction pit. Once the works stopped in the 1980s’, the pit became a lake and was stocked with fish, which is now still the big fish population of the lake. The lake was closed to the public until December of 2009, when the owner opened it, it was a hidden gem for almost 30 years.

Facilities include toilets, showers and even a washing machine for those of you on long sessions. You will also find a coffee machine, snacks and drinks.

Best of all, a pizza service delivers directly to your swim! The owner is always on hand if you need anything from the shops and on Saturdays spit roast chicken is often available for delivery to your swim for you to enjoy. Supermarkets, bank and petrol station are only a few km away.

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